You know that moment when you wake up and your already exhausted?
Welcome to my current season. I have a 4 month old baby, a tired wife (re: 4 month old baby), I have Simple Telecom chipping away at my time and energy every day, I have an epic piece of land that requires my time and effort on a daily basis - just to keep the pathway between the shed and house walkable (re: weeds), and ontop I have the MBA.

Fun times hey! Anyway, despite the epic rant about my busy life, I'm actually loving it. I'm planning an extension, I have a guy running Simple Telecom (yay Brady) and I head to China tomorrow with the EMBA Cohort to no doubt run amuck.

I managed to get bilingual business cards with Chinese stuff on the back in 3 days - yah vistaprint.com.au, and even put together a very rough website (thanks fiverr) on the off chance that I meet someone/some entity in China that is interseted in marketing to Straya. Www.simple1300numbers.cn!

Well, - that will probably do my 'annual' blog entry post for the year. You never know, I might be back to share some SEO secret sauce (if it works - in which case I'll probably be too busy to remember). email me.