Call Answering Services - Free Trial

I’m pretty pumped, I’ve been hard at work coding up new services and functionality for the Call Answering Service that Simple Telecom offers.

We have expand to now have 4 variations of the service, each level gets a little more tricky and has expanded functionality on the last:

  • Simple Answering – This is your basic offering where we will take answer the call in your business name, then grab the callers name and number and send it through to you.
  • Tele Receptionist – A full blown virtual receptionist, All the above features but also include the ability to Warm Transfer & Blind Transfer calls to specific people. (Warm transfer confirms your available before transferring – Blind is blind).  Also the operator can ask specific questions, and send message through to specific people on demand.
  • Bat Phone – This is a complete escalation service, perfect for your after hours emergency scenario’s.  You can change the list of numbers at any time, change advanced options like who get’s SMS at various stages, ask the caller questions etc. Its pretty advance, and it has a cool name and logo!
  • Tele Clerk – All the features from the above service - AND the ability to take specific orders from your customers. Credit cards, delivery addresses – you name it, we can do it.

All these services are great, but I think what customers are really going to love is:

  1. We now offer a FREE Trial of the above services.
  2. We now only charge for successful calls. ALL hangups, all ‘no message left’ calls are not counted towards your monthly call total.  This will save some customers $100 of dollars, and will take our products to the next level!

Any questions – get in contact, or check out the website: