Expanding your Mind

I recently started doing some study (EMBA @ QUT) and wow the brain explosion has begun.  It’s been a good 10 years since I did any formal study and I’m really conflicted.

Its hard to explain how it feels. I really want to complete this study, in fact I’ve made a commitment that I will, there is no other option.  It’s a love hate thing.  I hate the ‘formal’ side of masters level study, with the specific processes you have to follow to submit assessment, the level of collaboration allowed and how that really contrasts to “real world”.  But, I really love the content and my cohort.  Its amazing seriously, to be in a room with a group of people all there for the same or very similar reasons as you.  Its all about the content, and I’m sure for a few of my fellow students, its also the pot of potential gold the qualification will give them at the end.

I guess the most important thing is my enthusiasm for business is back, and its back in a strong way.  Being in a positive, educational environment does wonders for moral and especially as a long term business person who has mainly been working and making decisions as an individual, the environment is really amazing.

The next trick is learning how to balance life when operating at this level.  Study and assessments demand alot of time, more than my current schedule allows so it’s going to be an interesting next month or so as the assessment ramps up and so does the social calendar with weddings etc.  I think its time to start ‘calendaring’ 1-2 months in advance again, so rigid!