Scared of Downloading Torrents?

Don't be.

JK - yes - STOP now.

I was laughing when I saw the 4 leaked episodes of GOT appear on torrent sites, what a perfect bait for all the interweb pirates out there.

You need to stop downloading Game of Thrones from torrents. With the lib's metadata laws combined with the Dallas Buyers club win against iinet, it's a serious issue and you need to be careful.

There are alternatives. The expensive Apple TV provides everything but its usually 6 months late, Netflix cover's some of the shows, you can even buy it easily in AU now, but if you want decent shows you will need an IP switcher, or you can just get Foxtel.

If you are hell bent on maintaining your current show's via torrents then get a seedbox for your torrents, and keep everything you download to your actual 'home' under the security of at least basic SSL, or even a VPN if you have extra budget.

The concept is you do your actual torrenting in some foreign country on a server that you pay to access, then you download through FTP or over the web (via SSL) to your computer. Best value on the market is PulsedMedia. I don't have a torrent box with them, but I do have a dedicated server and its been great for the past 5 years, they really know there business. The pricing is razor sharp, you can get a basic seedbox for around $15/month AUD and it will easily cover you requirements.

Anyway guys, be safe and torrent responsibly. Or just get netflix like me, and goto your friends house who has Foxtel to watch Game of Thrones.