So Google hates you, now what?

Ok so, Google sent me to the sin bin due to some competition running negative SEO campaigns at my money site.  I went from 1st to 100+ for “1300 numbers” – pretty tough bullet to bite hey.

My Recovery is on track, but its realistically a 6-12 month comeback.

Anyway, now what?  I’ve spent the past few months redesigning my business as if Google didn’t exist.  Yes I still use Adwords – Its the best marketing tool ever, but what if it stopped working all of a sudden? Google was my only egg in my basket, what a massive risk.

I’ve posted before, but there are other ways of connecting with your customers online.  They all require time, but since your not spending 8hrs a day on SEO, you should have plenty of time now yes?  I know I have extra time and a little budget freed up now.

So what am I doing?

Build a list.

Yep, business 101. Mailing lists still work.  Email marketing and Direct mail are alive and well.  I’m talking about clever and personal engagement with your customers, not Spam. Everyone hates spam, so don’t both spamming as you will get 0.001% return.  I’m talking about engagement where you email 100 people and 20 people respond to you within the first hour.

So how do you build a list?

Build a list of target customers however you can.  This might mean joining business forums and engage with target customers there, once you build an online relationship, hit them up to join your mailing list.

Goto a local business breakfast, connect with everyone in that group. Ask people for referrals, follow up those referrals. Ask permission, then add everyone in the group to your mailing list.

Join Facebook.  Once you’ve joined, start a relevant blog and then get the widget which integrates facebook with the comments on your blog.  Be helpful, provide value and information for free and reap the long term results.

Do facebook marketing. There is software out there which will allow you to target very segmented groups of people on facebook. Eg. Locate your competitor on facebook, create a specific marketing campaign to entice customers across to you, then get a list of everyone who has “liked” that competitor.  Then run your campaign only at that list of people.

If your product is Tech savvy, then use Linked In.  Connect with people, ask for referrals, ask for recommendations, ask for endorsements.

Finally, connect with your current/past customers.  Re-contact your past customers and ask them to come back. Ask your current customers to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook or Google+ – Then actually use these platforms.  Make sure you tweet/post interesting content regularly so you stay in their minds.  That way, when someone is looking for your product they will remember you first.

I’m actually working on releasing a new product soon which is going to change email marketing for many people. I’m really excited about what it could mean for people’s business, releasing them from the shackles of Google.  Basically, its going to assist you to build your list (squeeze pages, signup forms, mailing list forms, double opt in forms), then provide a whole set of tools to connect with these people.  But wait, Here’s where it gets exciting, it’s going to have special custom push-button campaigns to run at your list.  These campaigns are going to be written by the best writers and marketing specialists in the world and will all have a proven track record of success.  Finally, the last killer feature is going to be the ability to take that contact and manage them in detail (think lead management system).  It will be a really easy to use notes and follow-up system to make sure every single lead never gets lost or forgotten.

Stay tuned, this system is going to hit in March 2014 (hopefully).