Stock It

So I randomly found Luke and Anita on Gumtree selling their Business - Stock It.
Wow - what an oppurtunity,,,,,, Crunched some some numbers with them from April -> July 2016. Made sure both of us were sure of this deal, were both happy and both walking away with a win #101negotiations.

Luke agreed on an absolute bargin of a price with a few little hidden extra's that were to be found by me very recently. But - you know what - I would have done the same thing. It's just stock that shifts slowly ultimately, so no real loss. Smart people would be looking on EBAY on the up and coming weeks to try and grab a bargin - especialy this BAKERY products?? Hahahah!

Anyway, this Aside. It looks like I will be segmenting the business into a few sections. The Cafe's, Restuarants and Roasters are very different customers from the Marketer's. Let's exploit this concept and put the right people in the right place hey?

Jake loves coffee, loves people and loves God. All these things seem to run hand in hand with Roasters, Cafe's and to a lesser extent - Cafe's. He has 523 children and an amazing wife, and also is the main driver of the #StockItBus - keep an eye out for him as he overtakes you in a 50km zone (because he is in a hurry).

Kit (My Wife), and when possible - Chris and Trev (InLaws/Kit's Parents) - love Vegans' (by default), love "Gluten Free" (bland rubbish), love 'hippies" and all things Markets. Trev is really strong and Chris is really friendly (in an interrogative way). Ask Chris about the Bomb Cake and my "first" family event with her family, and be prepared to laugh your face offffffffffffffff.

It's weird that I married one of these people, but she is an amazing person - and she is very hot and sexy! -- and I'm sure if you are reading this you probalby already know her and would agree with me. Anyway, These guys will be handling all the markets (along with Jake and I occasionally). They will be hagning out, talking, having fun, spending time talking about the weather and the local polictical events as required. I hate a lot of these things, so its really a match made in heaven.

Soooooooo, what's Next?
Call me or Jake if you have our numbers and want to talk products - otherwise just hit us up on facebook: or directly on or at on 1300 956 222.